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   Reira's Voice Actress
   xxx  Friday, October 5th 2007

Hirano Aya @ NEWTYPE USA 2007Ask Aya
"Haruhi is a revolutionary."
NEWTYPE USA - 09/2007

"Haruhi is my biggest rival now."

Young voice actress Aya Hirano made a career breakthrough playing Haruhi, the spunky heroine of the mega-hit anime, "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya." Here she shares her thoughts on her role, the recording experience and more!

Looking back, how were the recording sessions overall?

I had met Yuko (Goto) and Minori (Chihara) at the first recording for the SOS Brigade radio program, but the first anime recording was the first time all five of the main cast members were together. I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure if we could get in sync, and the staff seemed to be worried about it too. But once we ran through our lines together, everyone was convinced that we were the perfect SOS Brigade, and that made me very happy. There was a great atmosphere in the studio throughout the series.

The recording was done out of sequence just like the Japanese broadcast, so it was very confusing. In one episode, Kyon and Haruhi would be all lovey-dovey, and then in the next episode, Haruhi would be a total grouch. But we helped each other by constantly discussing the characters' relationships. Also, we had a good relationship with the production staff, and every time we finished one episode, they'd give us useful advice for the next one, which helped me a lot. But I still had to think carefully about how to play Haruhi in each episode, and that made me feel even more deeply involved with the show.

Which was the toughest episode, and how did the recording go?

"Live Alive." I was told tat this episode would determine the success or failure of the series, so I threw everything I had at it. The recording booth always made me nervous in the first place, and hearing that just made me feel even more pressured. In the episode, Haruhi reveals a part of her personality that doesn't show very often -- I was supposed to express hesitation and confusion. Later I was told that my first lines literally sounded shaky, that's how nervous I was. I hadn't realized I was that bad.

I also had a real hard time recording the two insert songs: "God Knows," and "Lost my Music." To create the groovy and tense atmosphere of a live performance, I sang all of each song in one go, beginning to end, instead of recording each section separately. The hardest thing was making sure the song would impress the audience. The key change toward the end of "God Knows" was difficult too. I had to practice it a lot.

How do you think those experiences will affect your future work.

I'm proud of being able to play Haruhi. At the same time, I feel like I'm just coasting on her success. Right now, I consider Haruhi my toughest rival, and my goal is to become better than her. One other thing -- I had a chance to sing some rock in the show, and I've decided that I'd like to continue in that genre. I'll always keep in mind that the most important thing is to touch the audience's hearts.

Objectively speaking, what do you think of Haruhi?

She's awesome. She's not just doing whatever she wants for no reason -- she's honestly trying to have fun. It's just that she tends to go overboard. Everyone around her gets bossed around as a result, but eventually they understand her intentions. They know and appreciate that she's the source of that vital spark that fills them all with energy. The way she behaves in front of Kyon is just adorable.

Finally, what does "Haruhi" mean to you?

It's revolutionary. It's changing my entire worldview, and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Sources: [ Hirano Aya's Official Site ]

BoA's MADE IN 20 PAMPHLETNote from Lisa:
Hey everyone! I have the original scan of Hirano Aya's interview located here. She makes a lot of side comments in them, so Aya fans should look that up! Also, we have half of Hirano Aya's "H - Stairway to 20" scanned in too. The rest will be up soon, but you can check these out for now. She's really cute and is becoming really popular. So no doubt, we'll hear more about her in the future!

Lastly, at random, I scanned in BoA's 2007 Tour Pamphlet "Made in Twenty (20)." She looks amazing in the book! Go drool go drool!

   Nonno & ViVi Magazine
   xxx  Wednesday, October 3rd 2007

More magazine scans! Don't let the fierce gaze of the super moody Sawajiri Erika scare you. Right now, she's in EVERYTHING. I went to the store today, and there were at least 5 different magazines with her on the cover. But sure enough, there had to be one or two magazines featuring someone from our "NANA" crew. =) Enjoy the eye candy!

Nonno Magazine - October 2007 Issue ViVi Magazine - October 2007 Issue

Nonno - October 5th 2007:
+ Sawajiri Erika [ 5 Scans ]
+ Nakashima Mika [ 1 Scan ]
+ NANA [ 1 Scan ]
+ Horikita Maki [ 1 Scan ]
+ Koda Kumi [ 2 Scans ]

ViVi - October 2007:
+ Sawajiri Erika [ 6 Scans ]
+ Ito Yuna [ 1 Scan ]
+ Leah Dizon [ 4 Scans ]
+ EITA [ 1 Scan ]
+ PUSHIM [ 1 Scan ]
+ Kato Miliyah [ 1 Scan ]
+ AI [ 1 Scan ]

   Pretty Style Magazine
   xxx  Tuesday, October 2nd 2007

Pretty Style Magazine - October 2007 IssueHey everyone! Scans from the October 2007 issue of Pretty Style magazine are up. It features our gorgeous Miyazaki Aoi on it's cover. As usual, Mika is also beautifully featured in the magazine. So click away and enjoy the eye candy!

Pretty Style - October 2007 Issue:
+ Miyazaki Aoi [ 7 Scans ]
+ Nakashima Mika [ 2 Scans ]
+ Kitagawa Keiko [ 3 Scans ]
+ Doumoto Tsuyoshi [ 2 Scans ]
+ Angela Aki [ 1 Scan ]
+ Otsuka Ai [ 1 Scan ]

   New Layout & Direction
   xxx  Monday, October 1st 2007

Imagination GalleryOkay Okay. DON'T shoot me! I swear-- For the last month or so, I have NOT been sitting idly on my ass, doing absolutely nothing. I assure you-- I sat idly on my ass, and attempted to do SOMETHING. Really I did...!! As you can see, N-N.net now has a new front page. Yay for new layout! Now some of you have absolutely no more excuses to send me Yui Ichikawa hate mail. ^__^ Ha ha.

Also, if you click on the little yellow picture, it will take you to a new branch of the site. This branch is titled "Imagination," and is basically a scan gallery. Its a gallery for anyone and anything, related or unrelated to the world of "NANA." Because currently "NANA" world has been pretty quiet (not counting the individual projects of Mika and Anna), and I can't see myself leaving N-N.net un-updated. Over the years, I have accumulated SO MANY Japanese magazines for the different web sites that I operate. So I thought, "Why not make a gallery...? It can be a pretty good resource for people." For the last month, me and my good ol' buddy Helen have been doing a LOT of scanning to get this gallery set up. And now its up!

"Imagination" will be updated frequently to add on more names, titles, and of course scans. It is a really tiny gallery now, but over the next year or so, it will definitely grow a lot bigger. Visitors can even make an account on there, and comment on their favorite scans.

Whatever is the case, N-N.net have NOT stopped updating. I apologize for not leaving a note sooner, but school started and things got really hectic. Hopefully, this web site will continue to remain eventful to everyone in the future. Thanks for sticking around! ~ x.o.x.o. Lisa

   SAEKO's Engagement
   xxx  Saturday, August 18th 2007

SAEKO's Engagement & PregnancyHer Surprise Pregnancy
Over 15,000 Well Wishers

20 years old actress SAEKO, who previously starred in "Nodame Cantabile," "Dragon Zakura," and "NANA," admitted on August 11th 2007 that she is 6 weeks pregnant with boyfriend, baseball player Yu Darvish's child. "We are planning to be married within this year. However, I have not seen a wedding ring yet!" was the statement released by SAEKO regarding her wedding plans.

On SAEKO's official web site bulletin board, over 15,000 fans left her messages congratulating her on the pending wedding. And most importantly, her fans showed a lot of care and concern regarding her pregnancy. One fan wrote, "Now that you are pregnant, please take very good care of your health."

Yu Darvish, the father-to-be, participated in a ball game the previous day. It is reported that he is working on obtaining a drivers' license, so that he can pick up and drop off SAEKO more comfortably. From the looks of it, SAEKO's fiance is showing great care for her.

Congratulations SAEKO...!!!
Please take care of yourself,
and have a healthy baby...!!!

Sources: [ Yahoo || Love SAEKO ]

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