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NANA the Movie Cast Info
Actors/Actresses Bios

Mika Nakashima
Oosaki Nana

Age: 23 Years Old
Birthdate: February 19, 1983
Occupation: Singer // Actress // Model

Mika Nakashima debuted as a singer in the year 2001 and took Japan by storm. Her low unique voice, gentle nature, added in with the sound of jazz, has earned her a place among the very top artists in Japan. Mika's dream was always to become a singer. She dropped out of high school to persue her dreams and was finally signed by SONY. From the beginning, she had always used the logo of a lotus flower to represent her. One of her favorite brand of clothing is also Vivienne Westwood. With so many similar traits to Oosaki Nana, Mika was almost destined to play this role.

Web Sites: [ MikaNakashima.com || MikaNakashima.net ]

Aoi Miyazaki
Komatsu Nana

Age: 21 Years Old
Birthdate: November 30, 1985
Occupation: Actress // Model // Voice

For her age, Aoi Miyazaki is an extremely accomplished actress. Having appeared in a large number of movies, dramas, stage shows, radio shows, and even voice actressing, Aoi have worked her way into becoming one of the most popular teen actresses in Japan. Aoi generally does not present herself to be a super flashy person in her works, but she fit quite well into Komatsu Nana's shoes when she is wearing Aoi's famous smile. Her work includes a lead role in the famous Japanese horror Tomie, and voice of Yume for the anime Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsuna Koto (Someday's Dreamer).

Web Sites: [ Aoi Miyazaki Official ]

Hiroki Narimiya
Terashima Nobuo

Age: 24 Years Old
Birthdate: September 14, 1982
Occupation: Actor // Model

Hiroki Narimiya is currently one of the hottest young male actors in Japan. Having appeared in a number of movies, TV series and dramas, he proved that his whole career isn't just based on his looks alone. This isn't the first time Hiroki is featured in a Ai Yazawa film. He appeared in the 2004 movie Kagen no Tsuki, in the leading role of Tomoki (opposite to Chiaki Kuriyama). Even when acting in the role of Tomoki, he got to play with a guitar. He was pretty prepared for the role of Nobuo, don't you think?

Web Sites: [ Narimiya-Hiroki.com ]

Ryuhei Matsuda
Honjou Ren

Age: 23 Years Old
Birthdate: May 9, 1983
Occupation: Actor // Model

Ryuhei Matsuda is considered one of the most sought after young male actors in Japan. He is the son of the famous Japanese actor Yusaku Matsuda. However, when Ryuhei was only six years old, his father died. Ryuhei never intended on following in his father's footsteps. But shortly after entering high school, he was asked by director Nagisa Oshima to star in a movie. After his debute in the movie industry, Ryuhei discovered that he liked it, so he dropped out of school to persue acting.

Web Sites: [ Ryuhei Matsuda Official || Biography ]

Momosuke Mizutani
Fujieda Naoki

Age: 20 Years Old
Birthdate: January 24, 1986
Occupation: Actor

Mizutani Momosuke is a new rising actor to Japan's entertainment scene. Already considered somewhat of a teen heart throb, this guy is picking his roles carefully (Ex: The drama Gokusen II, Dragon Zakura). Momosuke is an easy going guy, who has already appeared in a number of drama roles. Being so new to the entertainment scene, it is a surprise that he made it into Junon magazine's special "Platinum Boys" list.

Yuna Ito
Serizawa Reira

Age: 23 Years Old
Birthdate: September 20, 1983
Occupation: Singer // Actress // Model

Yuna Ito is a hot new addition to the Japanese entertainment scene. Born and raised in Hawaii, she has always been extremely talented in music. In her junior year of high school, after winning the "Brown Bags" state singing contest, Yuna was signed a contract by Sony Music. She went to Japan to be launched as a Jpop artist. However, Sony had bigger plans for this talented girl. Yuna auditioned for "NANA the Movie" and got the role of the mysterious songstress Serizawa Reira! Sony decided then to keep Yuna a secret from the public, which brought on much curiosity and speculations from "NANA" fans world wide. Finally debuting in September 2005, Yuna's cover song "Endless Story" swept the Japanese music world.

Web Sites: [ Yuna Ito Official ]

Tetsuji Tamayama
Ichinose Takumi

Age: 26 Years Old
Birthdate: April 7, 1980
Occupation: Actor // Model

Tetsuji Tamayama is what you call a 'Jack-Of-A-Trades.' He takes any roles from the romantic movies of "Tengoku no Honya" and "Koibumi Biyori," to childrens' shows like "Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger" (Power Rangers). He also stars in comedies like "GK9" and big sci-fi movie projects like "Casshern." But most importantly, he is a hot guy in almost every role he's taken. He was a model during his high school years but crossed over into acting. Known for his ambitions and charm, Tetsuji is the perfect candidate for the role of Takumi.

Web Sites: [ Tetsuji Tamayama Official ]

Kawamura Sachiko

Age: 20 Years Old
Birthdate: November 16, 1986
Occupation: Actress // Model

Like many girls who wanted to start in the entertainment industry, SAEKO began as a typical idol. Her cute face began to land her roles in commercials and magazines. Finally, in the year 2004, SAEKO got casted in some very main stream dramas. She worked along side many famous names like Matsuura Aya in "Aijou Ippon!" and Fujisawa Ema in "Tenka." Though her roles were not significantly huge, TV audiences loved her. By the end of 2004, she made the very hard-to-get-into "Hot Actresses" list in both Seventeen and Melon magazine. And after getting casted as Kawamura Sachiko in "NANA the Movie," she went on to get leading roles in hit dramas like "Dragon Zakura."

Web Sites: [ SAEKO Official ]

Kenichi Matsuyama
Okazaki Shinichi

Age: 21 Years Old
Birthdate: March 5, 1985
Occupation: Actor

Kenichi is one of the fastest rising young male stars in Japan. Having only entering the entertainment scene for 2 years (with "NANA" being one of his very first roles), he has worked his way into getting some of the largest roles in dramas and movies. His looks gives the audience a very mysterious "feel" about him. Whether its to being casted as Shin in "NANA," a young soldier in "YAMATO," dark Detective L in "Death Note," or even a love interest in "1 Litre of Tears." He has captured the attention of girls and casting directors in the Japanese entertainment scene.

Web Sites: [ Kenichi Matsuyama Official ]

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"NANA the Anime" Cast

Character / Seiyuu

Oosaki Nana Komatsu Nana Honjo Ren Terashima Nobuo

( Oosaki Nana )
Paku Romi

( Komatsu Nana )

( Honjo Ren )
Kiuchi Hidenobu

( Terashima Nobuo )
Seki Tomokazu

Takagi Yasushi Okazaki Shinichi Serizawa Reira Ichinose Takumi

( Takagi Yasushi )
Kawahara Yoshihisa

( Okazaki Shinichi )
Ishida Akira

( Serizawa Reira )
Hirano Aya

( Ichinose Takumi )
Morikawa Toshiyuki

Endou Shouji Kawamura Sachiko Saotome Junko Takakura Kyousuke

( Endou Shouji )
Takahashi Hiroki

( Kawamura Sachiko )
Kojima Megumi

( Saotome Junko )
Honda Takako

( Takakura Kyousuke )
Suwabe Junichi

Uehara Misato Fujieda Naoki

( Uehara Misato )
Kanai Mika

( Fujieda Naoki )
Katsu Anri