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Facts Archive >> Black Stone

Black Stone
It's Name and History
Cigarettes Anyone?

"Black Stone" is a brand of cigarettes (almost similar to cigars). Oosaki Nana's rock band, "Black Stones" had their name derived from this brand of cigarettes. At first Nobuo, Yasu, Ren, and Nana had a hard time figuring out a name for their band. They were sitting around a table trying to solve this dilenma when Yasu pulled out a box of "cigarillos." The cigarettes are called, "Black Stone." They thought the name sounded very classy. For easier pronunciation however, the two words "Black" and "Stone" were combined together and changed to the word, "Blast." However, Yasu is the only one in the group who really like the taste of "Black Stone." Everyone else in the group said it tasted weird. And throughout the manga, you'd see one of them smoking "Black Stone" cigarettes. "Black Stone" is a real cigarette brand. The design of the box is the same image in the manga as well. It can be purchased for the average price of 300 yen anywhere in Japan.